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Design features

In the designing, production and testing of our pumps we employ the absolute latest computer software and the most modern manufacturing and quality control techniques

Aufrechte Aufbauweise von oben und von vorn

Vertical pump configuration

  • The crosshead and plunger weights are neutralised within the sealing system, effectively reducing wear on all oscillating components.
  • Automatic air venting is ensured which greatly decreases the possibility of cavitation.
  • Enables construction of very compact units with all important components accessible from all around the pump. This enables ergonomic working which?simplifies maintenance works.
  • The ability to position the pump completely within the framework reduces the width of units further enhancing compactness.
  • Linearly aligned forces of gravity between the pump and the diesel engine reduce vibration.
FEM Berechnungen

FEM analysis for a crankshaft

Abduchtung durch einen Faltenbag

Bellows sealing system

The bellows attached to the piston rods form a hermetic seal between the water end and the crank section preventing oil leakage or water ingress.

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Water end conversion kits allow an easy change of pump performance parameters.

Dynamische & Labyrinth Kolben

High pressure sealing systems

In addition to three standard types special designs are available for abrasive, aggressive and temperature sensitive mediums.

Schr?gverzahnter Kurbeltrieb

Crank section

  • High rod force and low speed =?less wear
  • The strong and compact crank sections are built for continuous duty.
  • A selection of gear ratios is available to allow the optimal choice of driver.
  • Twin helical gears arranged in herringbone configuration ensure smooth running and even power transmission without axial load to the bearings.

Water quality

A clean medium is an advantage for all high pressure pumps. Abrasive materials in the water will shorten the lifetime of valves, valve seats and water jetting tools. An advantage of the dynamic plunger seal with labyrinth insert is that each stroke of the plunger washes away abrasive particles.