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construction industry

Application examples:

  • Concrete removal e.g. reinforcing bar exposure
  • Cleaning natural stone walling
  • Expansion joint removal
  • Floor cleaning
  • Laitence removal
  • Removal of all types of coatings from walls and floors, e.g. paints, bitumen, plastics, growths, corrosion
  • Roughening and preparing concrete and stone surfaces
  • Selective removal of surfacing e.g. spalled concrete, plaster, rendering, asphalt
  • Cutting doorways, access ways in tunnels and concrete structures
  • Cold cutting metal structures
  • Cleaning scaffolding, shuttering machinery etc.
  • Cleaning production and transport equipment used in construction materials manufacture
  • Renovation and contamination removal
  • Sewer cleaning
  • Cleaning concrete moulds, pipes, mixers, ready mix delivery trucks

Practical example photographs